Sye Ten Bruggencate is a dishonest theist who plays word games and violates logic to avoid an honest examination of his worldview.

The following are his primary dishonest tactics.

  1. Equivocation. Sye knows full well that there is an enormous non-trivial difference between absolute knowledge and conventional knowledge, but still asks merely whether you know what you are claiming to (conventionally) know. As most people make their claims within the context of conventional meaning, they answer “yes“, only to have Sye immediately equivocate and state that they do not have “absolute” knowledge.
    Would anyone actually possessing the spirit of the god of truth be this deceitful? Sye’s position and his behavior are incompatible.

  2. You’re wrong, so I’m right. Sye feels he does not need to answer criticisms of his worldview if he can demonstrate that the worldview of the critic is incoherent. It is like a child smugly asserting Santa must be now true, or at least immune from criticism, after offering evidence the Easter Bunny is a myth.
    Would anyone actually possessing the spirit of the author of logic utter such an absurdity in ignorance? I contend it is an intentional attempt at deception.

  3. Etymological nonsense. Incredibly, Sye states that, because “confidence” and “faith” have the same latin root fide, they both carry the meaning of blind faith, and that if you claim to have confidence in something, you are accepting that thing as presupposition1. Could this be ignorance coming from someone who would clearly argue that the words “apologist” and “apology” now have quite distinct meanings, in spite of their common Greek root ἀπολογία? Or is it an intentionally attempt to deceive? You be the judge.

Sye’s goal is to keep the conversation away from an assessment of the logical coherence of his own worldview, and as his worldview is logically incoherent, this is an excellent strategy for those still holding to the bankrupt ideologies that are derived from the nonsensical book called the Bible.

Sye Ten Bruggencate attempts to deflect the many devastating criticisms of his faith through equivocation and illogic. He knows better, but he can’t help himself since he has tasked himself with defending an indefensible ideology.

Bottom line: You sever the branch you’re sitting on when you defend an alleged honest god of logic with dishonesty and illogic.

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1. “confidence = con fide = with faith.” The actual words of Sye at http://www.facebook.com/ericmhovind/posts/4840610092210